CAPTURE Decisions

March 25, 2020

Decisions, Decisions

In previous podcast, you’ve heard me speak to the question, “Can I Really Sell to the Government”, I hope that you were encouraged to move forward because of that discussion.. You’ve also heard me speak to the “Numbers Business ” in drilling down to the place where you find where the government is buying, what you are selling. So today, I’d like to begin a discussion with you relative to the decisions that go into whether you should even pursue an opportunity. In one of my previous podcast I told you that “All money, ain’t good money”. So HOW do you make that critical decision to “Go”, or not. We simply call it the GO/ NO GO Decision. We do it all the time in our private life, should I eat this doughnut, whats it gonna cost me, will it make me have to do an extra hour in the gym, will it adversely impact my long term health…But man….It sure does look and smell good. Decisions…No different in the thought process when deciding to pursue or fall back, on a Government opportunity. Lets get into it. You know who you are, you know your core competancies, you know your socio-economic status (i.e., 8a, hubzone, woman-owned, service -disabled veteran, on and on and on), you know this, its not in question anymore. Now take a look around the spectrum of government agencies, who do you know, do you have any established relationships or strategic partnerships with any primes or subs in that space.

What about the Amazons, the Deloittes, the Booz-Allens, Price Waterhouse, Northrop, Lockheed, etc, etc, etc. If you don’t, that’s cool, but do you know of a small business thats doing business, even in a small way, with a customer that you’re interested in pursuing. Can you approach that small business and begin discussions around partnering/ joint ventures/ Teaming, whatever you want to call it. Because SMART small businesses, know that you’re stronger together, than apart. 50 percent of something, is better than 100% of nothing. Their capabilities, combined with yours, makes y’all (together), a bigger and more potent provider. That one agency that you were qualified to go after, now becomes three with your combined competencies. Questions that you make ask yourself are: 1) Who are we chasing…and more importantly, why? a. Does the agency fit your conscience, or is it all about the money. b. Can you wake up and look at yourself every morning knowing that you are selling X, Y, or Z to an agency? Like I said, all money aint good money. 2) Why is this agency a fit for us – is it the industry, is it our skillset, is the geography, etc.. 3) What access do you have? WHO DO YOU KNOW? Whats our strategy to penetrate that market? a. Is it existing contracts or contacts? b. Is it new networks that you need to explore? i. NCMA, NAGM, NMSDC, etc. So as you can see, and begin to imagine, there is a lot that goes into a decision to GO after an opportunity/ or not. The best advise that I can give you, and I’ll lean on the book, “The Art of War” by Shin ZOU. Plan ahead, don’t just make it up as you go. Be strategic in your PLAN, be purposeful and directed in your ENGAGEMENT, DO a deep dive into your DISCOVERY + Qualify the OPPORTUNITY + Make sure that your SOLUTION is Solid + THEN…GO GET IT. We are just scratching the surface around Capture, but at least you’re beginning to understand, going after BIG things, require you to think critically, and cautiously. So now you know, I once read a book that said that “If your DREAMS don’t scare you, you’re not dreaming big enough”. This is part one of my series on capture, come back in a couple of weeks and we’ll talk more on getting you ready to “CAPTURE”.

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